We're the Complete

We're the "Complete" Water System Management Company

In April of 2005, Millenium Water of Uncasville, CT and LaFramboise Water Service of Thompson, CT joined forces and formed a "complete" water system management company.


Constant Pressure Water


What if you could get CONSTANT PRESSURE using your existing submersible pump?


Well Water Testing Tips

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Water Treatment

Are you bothered by water problems - staining, sediment, hardness or taste and odor?

Thousands of consumers are affected by poor water quality. Many of these problems occur naturally in groundwater and they can be treated.Residential Services

Reddish brown stains are a sign that iron may be present, even though a glass of water may be perfectly clear  Blue/green stains often indicates acid water (low pH). Problems with hot water systems or dull, dingy laundry point to water hardness as the culprit.

A "rotten egg" smell usually means sulphur (a gas) is present. Or, your water may have a metallic taste. The presence of iron (a mineral) or low pH contributing to a slow breakdown of copper plumbing can be the cause.

If any of these problems sound familiar, there are solutions. Filters and water treatment systems today are safe, hassle-free and inexpensive to install and operate.

LaFramboise Water Service, Inc., our competent and reliable water treatment company, has installed over 1,500 water filter systems for all of these problems.

Our variety of equipment from different manufacturers enables us to offer the best possible solution to your filtration and treatment requirements. This also includes filter systems to handle all sorts of groundwater contamination - even the man-made problems such as underground fuel leaks, chemical discharges, and bacteria in the water from failing septic systems.

LaFramboise Water Service combines the 40 years of water supply experience of LaFramboise Well Drilling with the most innovative and advanced technology available in the water treatment field. After evaluating results of a water test, we recommend and guarantee the proper equipment to meet your filtration and treatment needs. The result is a system that provides you and your family with the safe, clean drinking water everyone deserves.

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Staying on top of water quality to become easier

It is now easier for water well owners to protect water quality using the new, free Water Well App and corresponding website.

These tools help well owners with a major challenge: finding the basic information they need when and where they need it.

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