Pumping Systems


Once a well is drilled, the next crucial step is to "size" the pump system for the water needs of the project. This means ensuring that the entire system be calculated to deliver the optimum amount of water at the best pressure possible.

A typical pump system for a single family home includes a submersible pump installed in the well with a drop pipe, motor cable and torque arrestors; well cap, pitless adapter, water line, UF cable and assorted fittings from the well to the house; and a hydropneumatic pressure tank with controls (pressure gauge, pressure switch, check valve, pressure relief valve and boiler drain) set up in the basement and connected to the well.

Our service crews are expert in all phases of installation and repair for residential, commercial and municipal pump systems. You can rely on LaFramboise for prompt, courteous attention to your water system needs - for regularly scheduled installations or "no water" emergencies.

We have featured top-of-the-line products such as Goulds and Flint & Walling pumps and Amtrol tanks and we can supply and name brand to meet your specific requirements.



Pumping Systems

All materials and workmanship are warranted by LaFramboise Well Drilling for a minimum of one full year from the date of installation.



Staying on top of water quality to become easier

It is now easier for water well owners to protect water quality using the new, free Water Well App and corresponding website.

These tools help well owners with a major challenge: finding the basic information they need when and where they need it.

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