We're the Complete

We're the "Complete" Water System Management Company

In April of 2005, Millenium Water of Uncasville, CT and LaFramboise Water Service of Thompson, CT joined forces and formed a "complete" water system management company.


Constant Pressure Water


What if you could get CONSTANT PRESSURE using your existing submersible pump?


Well Water Testing Tips

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Well Inspection & Testing

Are you buying or selling a home? Thinking about installing irrigation system? Questions about your current well, pump system, or water treatment? Thinking about upgrading pump system for better water pressure? Then hire LaFramboise Water Service to perform a complete inspection of your water system.

We can run a flow test to determine the pump capacity in GPM(gallons per minute), measure the water level down inside the well to determine the GPM that the well is producing, as well as, inspect the integrity of the well cap to ensure no contaminants can enter your drinking water.

We can also take samples to certified labs to test for basic water safety.....including contaminats like uranium, arsenic, radon, bacteria, and VOC's.

Well inspections/testing:

  • Quality and Quatity Testing
  • Lab Certified samplers
  • Well and pump system evaluations
  • Water testing.....real estate transactions
  • Video Inspections....Down-hole inspection

We can help you decide whether to repair a pump or treatment system ... or is it time to upgrade to a newer more efficient system.

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Staying on top of water quality to become easier

It is now easier for water well owners to protect water quality using the new, free Water Well App and corresponding website.

These tools help well owners with a major challenge: finding the basic information they need when and where they need it.

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